Golf Club of Dublin

Life is a game where everyone crossing us is players, the struggles, problems, and barriers are opponents and when we kick start our courage and willpower by focusing towards the goal then we can achieve the target of success one day. All we need to do is the positive mindset and a determined mind to win. There are a lot of indoor and outdoor games where we used to play since childhood. Many youngsters prefer outdoor games like cricket, hockey, soccer, basketball fight, and lot more. Games are not only meant as a relaxation but also, it increases the power of concentration, physical and mental activities, and the aim of winning burns from the heart. Among those tough games, the golf course is also one among them is greeted among the youngsters.

A Finest golf course of Dublin

Dublin, the largest city and capital of Ireland is located along the east coast of the country. It covers a population of around 1,347,359 in the year 2016. The city is well-known for its amazing architectural buildings and monuments, tourist attractive landscapes; fifth largest country of Europe, the first bridge that covers the River Liffey interconnects the northern and southern part of the city, and lot more trending features. Among them, the golf course is also trending in the city which impresses most tourist people to learn this course at a reasonable price as a relaxation game that keeps your mind and body fresh and active.

Golf Club of Dublin is a golf course located in the capital of Ireland city. Unlike other ball games, golf can’t be played in a standardized area as it involves varied terrain and it is played in different terrain as you move on with higher levels. Our professionals would guide with proper training and tricks to hit the balls into the hole. It does not involve a group of players but every individual has their own stroke to hit the ball. The golf course consists of either 9 or 18 holes that can be played in different terrains like legal tree area, fairway, rough, and other hazards, surrounded by a flagstick. As levels go by, the tough journey begins at different places.

Spectacular places and quality food

Adding some picturesque places to the coastline, our golf course has been known as the most expected venues among the world golf courses. Many personalities had won the championship title since now and we look forward to warmly welcoming you to play our champion links and get placed at the top of the world’s champion ranks in the golf course. Players are often recommended to play in summer than in winter. The reason why winter is not suitable for the game is that the snowy water over the grasslands looks like harder than the actual. Hence even if we hit the ball it does not covers the distance of the target. Hence most champions visit here during summer to prove their talents. Moreover, there is some bonus for the first time visitors as well as longtime routine players in our club.

Also, we provide delicious and healthy food to the players to feel pleasure and not to get drained off to the sun. You can savour all the varieties of delicious cuisines by having an eye-contact with the best spectacular view of the city. Our staffs will help you then and there in satisfying your desired needs and wants without any delay and assure you that can find a great time to relax with your family and friends. This game creates a motivation for the new players by getting ideas to play well and be a part of it in the next sequence. It will be a great chance to break the record and place your names in the Guinness world record and let the world praise your name.

Be a champion of our club

We will provide you detailed information along with route map of 18 holes at different terrain regions along with that time, distance to be covered, and lot more. Also, you can get an annual golf membership with rewards along with your team members. Take it as a chance to shine brightly as the best membership of golf course Dublin. We also conduct an open competition for both men and women especially by means of a relationship with father and son or mother and daughter. Moreover, both women and men equally participate in this open championship and in most cases they both equally win the title and trophy. Most probably our general manager and staffs will take the stress out of organizing all the events for the visitors and also, we organize alternate days of weeks for the outings along with the classy catering services.

The walls of our clubs are posted with artistic designs of former champions, their medals, galleries, and inspirational quotes, training periods, demos, and lot more. This creates an interest and makes the visitors who hate golf to play with full interest and dedication to hit the balls in all 18 holes and get championship title. Also, another interesting fact is that golf game can also be played in a team of members where every individual finds time to take their own chance to hit the ball. This creates teamwork and also they will get a reward as the best team of Dublin’s golf course. Moreover, you can find it as a great place to spend your quality time in relaxing yourself.