Restaurants in Dublin

p1Many eating houses look stunning with their eternal as well as internal look by offering delicious cuisines and drinks to customers. They grab the attention of the viewers through their pleasing service and providing their desired needs on time.

Dax restaurant is one of the finest dining places in Dublin is famous for its Georgian rooms with crisp white tablecloths gourmet dining and French wines. People visit often during Christmas occasion where they can enjoy the party time with different themes of cakes and wines.

Chapter One restaurant is famous for its elegant dining rooms and Irish coffee. Tourist visit here at least once during their presence in Dublin, as the service and cuisines impress the customers by offering a fantasy ambiance and décor.

The Sussex restaurant is a classy bistro encompassed with paneled walls and dark wood floors. The place is popular for its unpretentious seasonal Irish cooking and is one of the favorite spots of people where they can feel a lovely atmosphere and friendly waiters who serve the desired cuisines in a pleasing manner.

Café restaurant RIBA is the best place to savor delicious Atlantic prawns and other seafood at a reasonable price. The specialty of this restaurant is that the fishes are served in cast iron skillet with Smokey seafood chowder brings a delicious taste to the tongue.